Modern renovated basement with grey hardwood floors, white couch and black accent chairs

Basements are often an afterthought. Sometimes they’re dismissed as simply storage space – where your furnace and water heater are located, along with bins of clothes you’ll never wear again. If this is your mindset, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to reimagine this space.

See your basement with a fresh perspective. Here are a few ways that you can optimize your basement for a better living experience:

Personal gym
Forget paying for a membership. By investing in a few pieces of quality gym equipment, you can bring your workout home. It’s not always easy to stay motivated, but having easy access to your treadmill at home could be one less excuse to skip your run, especially on those cold days. And with a home gym, you can make exercise time a part of your family’s routine.

If you have children, you know how quickly their toys can take over a room. By making the basement (or part of it) a dedicated play area, you can keep the clutter out of sight downstairs while giving the kids plenty of room for imaginative games and activities. Add a fresh coat of paint, a few whimsical decals and the toys of course, and you’ll have a playroom that dreams are made of.

Home theatre
With so many movies available on streaming platforms, trips to the cinema have become rare. But, you can recreate the experience at home with a large screen, projector, and theatre-style armchairs. For those with smaller basements, a quality flatscreen TV and a comfortable couch with lots of pillows can be just as enjoyable for family movie nights or entertaining friends.

For all the book lovers out there, imagine having a special place to read, with all the paperbacks you’ve collected over the years at your fingertips. Whether it’s a few bookshelves and some comfy seating, or custom built-ins that showcase your collection in a creative way – a library is a wonderful addition to any home. Coordinating rugs, throws, and cushions can give this space a luxe yet cozy feel. It’s the perfect place to get lost in a good book!

Home office
Maybe the kitchen table isn’t cutting it. For some, working from home is now part of the regular routine but many still don’t have a dedicated home office. A well-designed workspace with an ergonomic desk and chair can not only increase your productivity and help motivate you to check off your daily to-dos faster, it can reduce the physical stress that your body endures during long stretches of sedentary activity. And the best part is, you don’t have to clear away your work day each time you sit down for a meal.

Basements are a blank canvas; extra square footage to play with and room to try something new. So, however you decide to use this part of your home, choose something you love and make the space your own!