Close-up shot of exterior front door, black, accentuated with rocking chair, black and white plaid pillow and throw, pumpkins and gourds, orange flowers and black rain boots

Fall is a beautiful time of year. As the leaves change colour, pumpkin patches open, and people enjoy spiced lattes and sweater weather, it’s only fitting to add a little fall flair to your home as well. And, seasonal décor doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. 

Just in time for the Thanksgiving long weekend, here are some simple tips to warm up your home and a touch of autumn to your style:  

Warm up your front entrance

Adorn the front of your home with fall-inspired welcome mats, wooden crates, and squash in various shapes and sizes. The beauty of fall is that there is no symmetry needed. Scatter different sized boxes, fall signs and a mix of small and large decorative pumpkins (real or fake). Hang a fall wreath made of twigs, and add a brown, orange or burgundy ribbon for a pop of colour. 

Decorate your dining space

Beautify your home indoors with orange and earthy tones. Add a table runner, some coloured napkins on the table, and coordinating candles in the scents of the season. You can elevate your seasonal look with small squashes and gourds as centerpieces. And, don’t be afraid to bring the outside in… Design your own table arrangement with twigs, leaves and pine cones you collect. 

Add a cookie and coffee station

Nothing says fall like warm beverages and treats while enjoying the crisp air! Impress your guests with a coffee and tea station. Set up cups, specialty teas displayed in a glass bottle, hot coffee and flavoured syrups in a section of your dining room or kitchen. Use risers or wooden trays to give the display some complexity. Add a cookie jar or cake stand with some fall goodies such as butter tarts, chocolate chip cookies, or brownies. You can also have a seasonal fruit basket with apples and pears. 

Make it cozy

Celebrate fall with comfort by adding aromatic autumn candles… Think cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin spice scents. Light them in the evenings for ambiance. Add fall-themed throw cushions, and add an earthy-toned warm blanket on your couch (check out Pinterest for inspiration on how to arrange pillows and blankets).

These simple tricks can elevate your home decor and make it feel as warm as your pumpkin or apple pie this season!